Past Congresses

International Congresses organized by EFR (European Federation for Colorectal Cancer)

1st International EFR Congress, 21.-22.11.2003 – Bad Tatzmannsdorf

2nd International EFR Congress, 26.-  27.11.2004 – Bad Tatzmannsdorf

3rd International EFR Congress, 31.3.-2.4.2005 – AKH Wien

4th International EFR Congress, 2.-3.12.2005 – Hotel de France

5th International EFR Congress, 13.-14.4.2007 – AKH Wien

6th International EFR Congress, 30.4.-2.5.2009 – AKH Wien

7th International EFR Congress, 28.4.-30.4.2011 – AKH Wien

8th International EFR Congress, 4.4.-6.4.2013 – AKH Wien

9th International EFR Congress , 9.4.-11.4.2015 – AKH Wien

10th International EFR Congress , 20.4.-22.4.2017 – AKH Wien

Congresses in Cooperation and Charity Events

Calender presentation, Charity Event, Gloriette (Art4Health), 24.11.2006

EFR Meeting at the  ICS Kongress (International College of Surgeons), Hotel Hilton, 5.12.2008

IASGO (International Association of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists) in collaboration with EFR, AKH Wien, 5.-7.12.2014


CCC (Comprehensive Cancer Center) in collaboration with EFR, Van Swieten Saal, 14.-15.09.2016